BPSC AAO Salary, Allowances, Perks & Job Profile

The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) conducts the Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) examination, one of the most sought-after positions in the state.

Apart from a fulfilling career, candidates are often intrigued by the attractive salary, perks, and job profile associated with this role.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the nitty-gritty details of BPSC AAO Salary, Perks, Increments, and Job Profile.

BPSC AAO Officer Salary

Understanding the salary structure is crucial before embarking on a career as a BPSC AAO Officer. Let’s break it down:

Salary Structure Amount
Pay Grade Rs. 47600/- to 151100/-
Basic Pay Rs. 4800/-
Dearness Allowance Rs. 8092/-
HRA Rs. 47600/-
Travelling Allowances Cities- Rs. 3600/-, Other Places- Rs. 1800/-
Gross Salary Rs. 66,908/-

Basic Pay

The basic pay is the foundation of an AAO officer’s salary. As of [latest update], the basic pay for a BPSC AAO Officer is [mention amount]. This amount may vary depending on the government’s pay revision policies.

Pay Scale

BPSC AAO Officers are placed in the [mention pay scale] pay scale. This pay scale ensures consistent increments and promotions based on tenure and performance.

BPSC AAO Allowances

Dearness Allowance (DA)

The DA is a cost of living adjustment allowance, and it is revised twice a year. As of now, the DA rate is of the basic pay. This allowance ensures that AAO officers’ salaries keep pace with inflation.

House Rent Allowance (HRA)

HRA is provided to cover the cost of accommodation. The HRA amount varies depending on the city of posting and can range from [mention range] of the basic pay.

House Rent Allowance (HRA)

HRA is provided to cover the cost of accommodation. The HRA amount varies depending on the city of posting and can range from [mention range] of the basic pay.

Travel Allowance (TA)

Transport Allowance is provided to cover commuting expenses. It is fixed at [mention amount] per month.

Other Benefits

In addition to the above-mentioned allowances, AAO officers receive various other allowances such as These allowances contribute significantly to the overall salary package.

BPSC AAO Perks & Benefits

Apart from the salary, AAO officers enjoy several perks and benefits:

Medical Facilities

BPSC AAO Officers and their families are entitled to comprehensive medical facilities, including health insurance and coverage for medical expenses.

Pension and Gratuity

Upon retirement, AAO Officers receive a handsome pension and gratuity amount. This financial security is a significant benefit.

Leave Policy

The leave policy is generous, allowing officers to balance their personal and professional lives effectively.

Promotion Opportunities

The AAO position is a stepping stone to higher positions in the government. With dedication and hard work, officers can climb the career ladder.

BPSC AAO Increments 

BPSC AAO Officers are entitled to regular salary increments. The increments are generally based on the number of years in service. Here’s a breakdown:

  • First Increment: After [mention years], the AAO Officer receives the first increment.
  • Subsequent Increments: Annual increments are awarded for the next [mention years].
  • Promotion Increments: Upon promotion, there is a substantial increase in salary.

Job Profile of BPSC AAO Officer

Roles & Responsibilities:

The role of a BPSC AAO Officer is multifaceted. They are responsible for conducting financial audits, scrutinizing accounts, and ensuring financial compliance. Their work is vital in maintaining transparency and accountability in government finances.

Work Environment:

AAO Officers work in government offices, and their job involves a combination of desk work, field visits, and interactions with government departments. It offers a balanced work environment.

Career Growth:

The AAO position opens doors to various career opportunities within the government, including promotions to higher ranks and specialized roles.


The BPSC AAO position offers not only a competitive salary but also a host of perks, increments, and a promising job profile.

It’s a career path that promises financial stability, personal growth, and the opportunity to contribute significantly to the governance of Bihar.

So, if you’re considering a career as a BPSC AAO Officer, you’re on the right path to a rewarding and fulfilling future.

BPSC AAO Salary & Job Profile FAQs

What is the starting salary of a BPSC AAO Officer?

The starting salary of a BPSC AAO Officer includes a basic pay, dearness allowance (DA), house rent allowance (HRA), and other allowances. 

How often is the DA (Dearness Allowance) revised for BPSC AAO Officers?

The DA is typically revised twice a year, in January and July, to compensate for inflation and changes in the cost of living.

Can you explain the Transport Allowance (TA) for BPSC AAO Officers?

BPSC AAO Officers receive a fixed Transport Allowance (TA) to cover commuting expenses. The TA amount is per month.

How is House Rent Allowance (HRA) determined for AAO Officers?

HRA for AAO Officers is determined based on the city of posting. It can range from [mention range] of the basic pay, with higher rates in metropolitan areas.

Do AAO Officers receive any special allowances apart from DA, HRA, and TA?

Yes, in addition to DA, HRA, and TA, AAO Officers may receive other allowances such as , which contribute significantly to their overall salary package.

Is there a provision for salary increments for BPSC AAO Officers?

Yes, AAO Officers are eligible for regular salary increments. They receive their first increment after [mention years] of service and subsequent increments annually.

How does promotion impact the salary of BPSC AAO Officers?

Promotions bring substantial increases in salary for AAO Officers. Moving up the ranks within the government hierarchy leads to higher pay scales and better benefits.

Can you explain the concept of "Pay Scale" for AAO Officers?

AAO Officers are placed in a specific pay scale, such as [mention pay scale], which determines their initial salary and subsequent increments as per government rules.

Are there any deductions from the salary of BPSC AAO Officers?

Typically, there may be deductions for Provident Fund (PF), Income Tax, and other statutory deductions, but the net take-home salary remains competitive and attractive.

What is the total salary package, including allowances, for BPSC AAO Officers?

The total salary package for BPSC AAO Officers includes the basic pay, DA, HRA, TA, and other allowances. The exact amount may vary, but it is designed to provide financial stability and security, making it an attractive career choice.