BSSC Panchayat Sachiv Salary, Perks,
Increments & Job Profile

Are you considering a career as a BSSC Panchayat Sachiv Officer? Are you curious about the salary, perks, increments, and job profile associated with this prestigious position?

Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into every aspect of the BSSC Panchayat Sachiv’s career, helping you gain a thorough understanding of what to expect.

Introduction to BSSC Panchayat

The position of BSSC Panchayat Sachiv Officer is a prestigious and essential role in the administration of rural areas.

These officers play a vital role in facilitating governance at the grassroots level, ensuring the smooth functioning of various government programs and initiatives.

In this blog, we will explore every facet of this position, starting with the all-important salary.

BSSC Panchayat Sachiv Annual Package

According to the official notification, candidates who secure a position as a BSSC Panchayat Sachiv are entitled to a monthly salary in the range of INR 5200 to 20,200. Consequently, the annual package for those who exceed the BSSC Panchayat Sachiv cut-off marks is anticipated to be between INR 62,400 to 2,42,400 per annum.

BSSC Panchayat Sachiv Salary Structure

Candidates who successfully navigate all stages of the BSSC Panchayat Sachiv exam pattern will receive a salary that adheres to the guidelines of the 7th Pay Commission. Below is a detailed breakdown of the BSSC Panchayat Sachiv salary structure, including various allowances:

Basic Pay

The basic pay for BSSC Panchayat Sachivs is determined according to the prescribed pay scale, which can vary based on factors like experience and qualifications.


Apart from the basic pay, BSSC Panchayat Sachivs are eligible for several allowances that significantly enhance their overall compensation package. These allowances include:

  • Cafeteria Approach: This allows employees to select from a range of benefits based on their preferences and needs.
  • Dearness Allowance: Dearness Allowance, commonly referred to as DA, is provided to offset the impact of inflation. It is regularly revised to ensure that employees’ purchasing power remains consistent.
  • House Rent Allowance: House Rent Allowance (HRA) is granted to assist employees in meeting their housing expenses. The amount may differ depending on the location of their posting.
  • Conveyance Maintenance: This allowance covers expenses related to commuting and transportation required for official duties.
  • Performance Related Pay: Employees may receive additional pay based on their performance and contributions to the organization’s objectives.
  • Contributory Pension Pay: The pension plan is a crucial aspect of government employment, ensuring financial security post-retirement.

It’s worth noting that the salary structure can undergo revisions in response to changes in government policies and recommendations from pay commissions.

BSSC Panchayat Sachiv Salary Structure
Pay Scale INR 5200-20,200
Pay Level Level 2
Grade Pay 2000
Basic Pay INR 21,700
Dearness Allowance (DA) 7378
House Rent Allowance (HRA) 5859
Travel Allowance 1809
Gross Salary Rs. 36,000 to Rs 40,000
Annual Package 4.3 to 4.8 lakhs per annum

BSSC Panchayat Sachiv Job Profile

Upon joining as a BSSC Panchayat Sachiv, individuals will be posted in the Bihar Panchayati Raj Vibhag. Here are some of the key responsibilities associated with the job profile:

  • Asset and Stock Management: BSSC Panchayat Sachivs are responsible for maintaining fixed assets and stocks within their jurisdiction.

  • Supervision and Coordination: They work alongside junior staff to ensure that all roles and responsibilities are efficiently carried out on a daily basis.

  • Voter List Management: BSSC Panchayat Sachivs are eligible to manage the voter list of the Gram Panchayat, a vital aspect of the democratic process.

  • Financial Oversight: They play a role in safeguarding and correctly utilizing the Panchayat Fund, ensuring transparent financial practices within the Gram Panchayat.

BSSC Panchayat Sachiv Career Growth

The BSSC Panchayat Sachiv role offers promising career prospects owing to its status as a state government job. It not only provides job security but also promises substantial growth opportunities.

After joining the department as a BSSC Panchayat Sachiv, candidates can participate in internal promotional exams to advance their careers within the organization.

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BSSC Panchayat Sachiv Probation Period

The official notification does not specify the probation period for the BSSC Panchayat Sachiv job profile. However, candidates can anticipate undergoing a training and probationary period to familiarize themselves with their roles and responsibilities.

Details regarding the duration of this probationary period are expected to be announced in the near future.

BSSC Panchayat Sachiv Salary & Job Profile FAQs

What is the starting salary for a BSSC Panchayat Sachiv Officer?

The starting salary for a BSSC Panchayat Sachiv Officer varies, but it is typically in line with government pay scales. It includes a basic pay, grade pay, and various allowances, which can total a competitive starting package.

Are there regular salary increments for BSSC Panchayat Sachiv Officers?

Yes, BSSC Panchayat Sachiv Officers can expect regular salary increments based on their performance and years of service. These increments are designed to reward dedication and experience.

What allowances are included in the BSSC Panchayat Sachiv Officer's salary package?

The salary package includes various allowances such as House Rent Allowance (HRA), Dearness Allowance (DA), Travel Allowance (TA), and other special allowances designed to enhance the overall compensation.

How is House Rent Allowance (HRA) calculated for BSSC Panchayat Sachiv Officers?

HRA is calculated based on the officer’s basic pay and the location of their posting. It typically ranges from 8% to 24% of the basic pay, depending on the city’s classification.

What is Dearness Allowance (DA), and how does it impact the salary?

DA is an allowance that helps employees cope with the rising cost of living. It is a percentage of the basic pay and is revised periodically to align with inflation rates.

Is there a provision for Travel Allowance (TA) for BSSC Panchayat Sachiv Officers?

Yes, BSSC Panchayat Sachiv Officers receive Travel Allowance (TA) to cover their travel expenses incurred while performing their official duties.

Do BSSC Panchayat Sachiv Officers receive any special duty allowances?

Yes, apart from the standard allowances, officers may receive special duty allowances for specific assignments or tasks that require additional effort or expertise.

Can BSSC Panchayat Sachiv Officers avail of medical allowances?

Yes, officers are usually entitled to medical allowances to help cover medical expenses for themselves and their dependents.

Are there any tax deductions applicable to the salary of BSSC Panchayat Sachiv Officers?

Yes, standard income tax deductions are applicable to the salary of BSSC Panchayat Sachiv Officers in accordance with the prevailing tax laws.

How can I track my BSSC Panchayat Sachiv salary and allowances?

You can track your salary and allowances through your salary slip, which is typically provided by the government department. It details your earnings, deductions, and net pay for each pay period.