Kerala PSC Salary, Perks & Job Profile

Are you aspiring to join the ranks of the Kerala Public Service Commission (Kerala PSC)?

This comprehensive guide is your gateway to understanding the intricacies of Kerala PSC’s salary structure, perks, increments, and the fascinating job profile it offers.

From the nitty-gritty financial aspects to the captivating responsibilities, we’re about to embark on a detailed exploration of this distinguished opportunity.

Introduction to Kerala Public Service Commission

The Kerala Public Service Commission (Kerala PSC) stands as the cornerstone of Kerala’s governance system.

Established with the aim of recruiting deserving candidates to various government positions, Kearala PSC plays a pivotal role in maintaining transparency and upholding meritocracy in the state’s administration.

Kerala PSC Salary Structure

1. Basic Pay: At the heart of Kerala PSC’s salary structure lies the basic pay. The range of basic pay is determined by the specific position and grade you hold within the commission.

2. Grade Pay: The grade pay is a testament to the significance of your role. Your grade pay reflects the level of responsibilities that come with your position and tenure within KERALA PSC.

3. Pay Scale: Kerala PSC employees fall under specific pay scales that categorize their roles and experience levels. These pay scales determine not only your current salary but also your potential for growth within the commission

Posts Salary Structure
Assistant Engineer (Civil) Rs.39500 – 83000/-
Assistant Professor in Business Administration UGC Scale
High School Teacher (Mathematics) Malayalam Medium Rs.29200 – Rs.62400/-
Typist Clerk Gr.II Rs. 4,920 – Rs.6,642/-
Auxiliary Nurse Midwife Rs.22,200 – Rs.48,000/-
Women Civil Excise officer Rs 20,000 – 45,800/
Police Constable Computer Assistant Grade-II, Kerala Administrative Tribunal Rs 20,000 – 45,800/
Assistant Rs.27800 – Rs.59400/-
Data Entry Operator Rs.19000 – Rs.43600/-
Confidential Assistant Grade-II Rs 20,000 – 45,800/
Civil Excise officer Rs 20,000 – 45,800/
Fireman & Fire Woman Trainee, Fire and Rescue Services Rs 20,000 – 45,800/
Assistant Sub-Inspector, Kerala Police Rs 20,000 – 45,800/
Typist Clerk, Travancore Cochin Chemicals Ltd Rs 8820 – 15180
Beat Police Officer Rs 20,000 – 45,800/
Overseer Gr I/ Draftsman Gr I Rs.26500 – 56700/-
Service Armed Police Assistant Sub-Inspector, Kerala Police Service (Armed Police Battalion Rs 20,000 – 45,800/
Stenographer, Kerala Tourism Development Corporation Ltd Rs 9940 – 16580/
Assistant Professor (in various subjects) UGC Scale
Seaman Rs.17500 – Rs.39500/-
Attender Grade II Rs.17000 – Rs.37500/-
Theatre Mechanic Gr.II Rs.19,000 – Rs.43,600/-
Store Keeper Rs.13210 – Rs.22360/-
Junior Audit Assistant Rs.12,070 – Rs.32,830/-
Typist Rs.11825 – Rs.18575/-
Typist Clerk Rs.8820 – Rs.15180/-
Legal Assistant Rs.7480 – Rs.11910/-
Carpenter/Carpenter Cum Packer Rs. 17,500 – Rs.39,500/
Assistant Professor (Materia Medica) Rs.15600 – Rs.39100/- with AGP 6000
Junior Systems Officer Rs.18810 – Rs.37970 /-
Divisional Accountant Rs.35,700 – Rs.75,600/-
Marketing Organizer Rs.6520 – Rs.11745 (PR)
Veterinary Surgeon Gr.II Rs.39500 – Rs.83000/-
Lecturer in Veena Rs.36,600 – Rs.79,200/-
Caretaker (Female) Rs.20000 – Rs.45800/-

Kerala PSC Allowances

In addition to the basic pay and grade pay, Kerala PSC employees receive allowances that contribute to their overall compensation package.

1. Dearness Allowance (DA): Counteracting the impact of inflation, the dearness allowance is periodically revised based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI). This ensures that your real income remains relatively stable despite fluctuations in the cost of living.

2. House Rent Allowance (HRA): Adapting to the diverse geographical locations where KERALA PSC employees may be posted, the house rent allowance varies from 10% to 30% of the basic pay. This allowance assists in addressing accommodation expenses.

3. Medical Allowance: Considering the demanding nature of public service, Kerala PSC provides a medical allowance to cover health-related expenses. This ensures that employees receive necessary medical attention without incurring additional financial burdens.

4. Travel Allowance (TA): Kerala PSC employees often need to traverse different regions as part of their official duties. The travel allowance covers transportation, lodging, and meal expenses during official travels.

Increments and Career Advancement

In KERALA PSC, the journey isn’t static but rather a continuous progression. Regular increments are granted based on the number of years you’ve served and your performance evaluations.

As you accumulate experience and consistently excel in your role, you become eligible for increments that contribute to your growing financial stability.

Kerala PSC Job Profile

1. Facilitating Governance: Kerala PSC employees play an indispensable role in facilitating the smooth functioning of the state’s governance. Your work contributes to the execution of policies and programs that affect the lives of citizens.

2. Policy Implementation: Translating policies into tangible actions is a core responsibility. As a Kerala PSC employee, you’re entrusted with ensuring that policies are effectively implemented, leading to positive changes in various sectors.

3. Community Engagement: Engaging with local communities is a crucial aspect of your role. By understanding the needs and aspirations of the people, you contribute to the formulation of policies that resonate with the citizens.

4. Ensuring Public Welfare:  Kerala PSC employees are at the forefront of ensuring public welfare. Your efforts directly impact the quality of services delivered to citizens, thereby enhancing their overall well-being.


A career with Kerala PSC isn’t just about earning a salary; it’s about contributing to the welfare of the state and its citizens.

With allowances, opportunities for career growth, and the chance to make a meaningful impact on society, being part of Kerala PSC is a remarkable opportunity.

Stay updated with official notifications and government policies to have accurate information about salary, allowances, and your role.

As a Kerala PSC employee, you play a vital role in shaping the future of Kerala, ensuring good governance, and enriching the lives of its people.

Kerala PSC Salary & Job Profile FAQs

What is the salary range for Kerala PSC employees?

The salary range for Kerala PSC employees varies based on the specific position and grade, with the basic pay typically starting from Rs. 5,200.

How is the grade pay determined in Kerala PSC?

The grade pay is assigned based on the responsibilities and level of the position. It reflects the significance of the role within the commission.

What allowances do Kerala PSC employees receive?

Kerala PSC employees receive allowances including dearness allowance (DA), house rent allowance (HRA), medical allowance, and travel allowance (TA).

Is the dearness allowance (DA) revised regularly?

Yes, the dearness allowance is periodically revised to counter the impact of inflation, ensuring that real income remains stable.

How does house rent allowance (HRA) vary based on location?

HRA varies from 10% to 30% of the basic pay, based on the location of the posting—urban or rural.

What does medical allowance cover for Kerala PSC employees?
Medical allowance covers expenses related to health issues arising from duties, ensuring employees receive necessary medical attention.
How does travel allowance (TA) benefit Kerala PSC employees?

TA covers expenses related to official travel, including transportation, lodging, and meals.

Are increments solely based on years of service?

Increments are often based on both years of service and performance evaluations. Exceptional performance can lead to accelerated increments.

How does career growth impact Kerala PSC salary?

Career growth brings opportunities for promotions and higher positions, resulting in increased responsibilities and corresponding compensation.

What is the significance of the pay scale in Kerala PSC?

Pay scales categorize roles and determine salary ranges, providing clarity on earning potential and career progression.