Best Books for KVPY Stream SA, SB and SX

Best books for KVPY – Get a list of all the KVPY best books for
maths, chemistry, Biology and physics that will be helpful in preparing effectively for KVPY exams.

KVPY Preparation Books

When it comes to studying, books are the most crucial item that students require. Books are an essential component of each student’s education.

It is quite tough for students to identify which books are the finest for learning, especially when crucial examinations such as KVPY Exam are involved. Due to the intense competition, students require the finest of everything to prepare for their examinations, including books, study materials, mock tests, sample papers, and so on.

There are several Best KVPY books on the market, and each one is the finest. Students should, however, select books that are taught in simple language, cover the full KVPY syllabus, give the greatest examples, and so on.

In this article, We have provide a Complete list for KVPY Exam Preparation Books for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematic.

KVPY Physics

Books Name Author Name Buy Now Link
NCERT Combo PHYSICS Part I and Part II for Class XI NCERT Check Price
MD BOOK STORE Physics Part 1 And Part 2 Textbook NCERT Check Price
Physics, Vol 2, An Indian Adaptation David Halliday,
Robert Resnick,
Kenneth S. Krane
Check Price
Fundamentals Of Physics Extended Halliday D Check Price
Problems in General Physics Career Point Publication Check Price
KVPY-SA: Study Material Package (Physics) for Class 11th Career Point Publication Check Price
Concept of Physics H.C Verma Check Price


Books Name Author Name Buy Now Link
NCERT Chemistry Textbook for Class 12 - Part 1 & 2 NCERT Check Price
Reactions Paperback S.N. Sanyal Check Price
GRB A Textbook of Physical Chemistry Dr. O.P. Tandon,
Dr. A.S. Singh
Check Price
NCERT Chemistry Textbook for Class 11 - Part 1 & 2 NCERT Check Price
GRB Kota Question Bank Inorganic Chemistry Ankit Agarwal Check Price
Handbook of Chemistry Arihant Experts Check Price
Resonance Chemistry KVPY SA Stream Resonance Check Price
Chemistry class 6 _ Check Price
Authentic Shortcuts, Tips & Tricks in Chemistry Apurva Mishra Check Price


Books Name Author Name Buy Now Link
Handbook of Biology Paperback Arihant Experts Check Price
The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness,
Matter and Miracles
Bruce Lipton Check Price
Biology Textbook for Class-12 NCERT Check Price
Elementary Biology Vol. I For Class 11 (Examination 2023-2024) M.P. Tyagi
K.N. Bhatia
Check Price


Books Name Author Name Buy Now Link
Authentic Shortcuts, Tips, Tricks & Techniques in Mathematics Er. Vaibhav Singh Check Price
Mathematics For Class 10 Edu Boulevard Pvt. Ltd Check Price
KVPY-SA Mathematics Study Material Career Point Publication Check Price
Foundation Mathematics for Class IX & X Anuja Arora Check Price
A Guide to Mathematics Olympiad 14 Years Solved Papers Avnish Kr. Saxena Check Price
Handbook of Mathematics Arihant Experts Check Price
Magical Book on Quicker Maths Unknown M Tyra,
K Kundan
Check Price
Mathematics NCERT Textbook For Class XII Part I + Part II NCERT Check Price
An Excursion In Mathematics M. R. Modak,
S. A. Katre,
Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana
Check Price

How to Select the Best Books for KVPY?

We all know that books are essential for preparing for KVPY Exam. However, choosing the right book can be difficult.
Before you choose books, keep the following in mind:

  • When choosing the Preparation books for KVPY, always go for the Latest edition.

  • When picking a book, candidates should look for one that provides sample papers or question banks with solutions. Using these papers will allow you to not only understand the test format and structure, but it will also allow you to practise thoroughly.

KVPY Books FAQs:

Are NCERT Books enough for KVPY preparation?

NCERT is useful for preparation for various types of exams, not simply KVPY; it will help you regardless of the exam. While the NCERT books are good, they are insufficient. When studying for the KVPY exam, students should consult a few credible and appropriate reference books. In addition, you should practise the prior year’s question papers.

What kind of questions are asked in the KVPY exam?

The KVPY Exam will include 100 objective-style questions. You can look over previous years’ question papers to get a sense of the types of questions asked in the KVPY tests. Within three hours, you must attempt problems from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. As a result, prepare as many mock examinations and question papers as possible so that you can complete the exam on time and without missing any problems.

What are the advantages of studying with the KVPY books?

Students will be familiar with questions and themes covered in subjects related with KVPY exams if they study from KVPY books. Through continual practise, the mock tests and practise tests accessible in these books assist students acquire confidence and finish tests within the permitted time. These great KVPY books are also useful for attempting difficult or non-syllabus questions.

What are some best books for KVPY?

NCERT textbooks for all courses, Irodov’s Problems in General Physics for KVPY Physics, Solomons’ Inorganic Chemistry, and Mukherjee and Sen’s Organic Chemistry for KVPY Chemistry, and basic ideas covered in school are some of the top books for KVPY.

What is the best way to prepare for KVPY?

The best method to prepare for KVPY is to practise as many questions as possible, go over the basics thoroughly, revise frequently, take breaks throughout study sessions, and answer confidently.